Hi, I'm Stephanie.  Owner and driving force behind Sunshine & Soul.

I'm an Intuitive Life & Biz Coach and Image Consultant.  

I love helping people in the way that I do.  I do my coaching from the Akashic Records which allows me to reach to the depts of the soul, stretch the limits that you imposed on yourself, and help you break through so you can achieve the life you are meant to live.  I've been intuitive for as long as I can remember, but the Akashic Records have allowed me to hone in on my gifts in a way I never could have imagined.  

I spent years being depressed and unhappy.  I not only couldn't even admit to myself what I wanted in life to be happy, but was completely unaware of how miserable I was.  I was deep in denial, coasting through life, until the comfort zone of my misery became more uncomfortable than the unknown.  Little did I know that when I started my business out of a desire for something more, it would cause me to shed old layers, heal, shift and completely transform into who I am today, which is the person I always knew was within deep in my core.  But now I am this person from my core all the way to the surface.  What I do transformed me and it's the same way I help you.  

Same goes for the image consulting... I also tap into your energy and who you truly are at your core, and then help show you how to express image so that it reflects your authentic truth.  Being in business is a wonderful thing, but in the end, you not only need to represent what you do, but also be in alignment with yourself.  Merging the two isn't always easy for some, and that's what I am here for.  I do not make you over, or make you in my image.  I make you in your true image.  

Now I'm at a place in my life, where everything I do and everything I AM, finally makes sense.  It's all coming together.  My passion for fashion and style, as well as helping others… It's all about helping people live the best life they can live!  I want to help you elevate your life.

Let me help you change your story!

Much love, 

Stephanie xx