Hi, I'm Stephanie.  Artist, owner and driving force behind Sunshine & Soul.

Sunshine & Soul started out of a desire to help people live a better life and find their authentic selves, at first through crystals and Reiki, then through intuitive life coaching. Along the way, I did some art and painted, but it was always something I did on the side. Through my coaching journey, I helped myself along the way, so it seems only fitting that I also grew and got to the point that I could no longer hide from how passionate I am about art, and could no longer ignore my calling.

As a child, I was always drawn to art. I sang, I wrote, I drew, I crafted. Art helped me through many dark and difficult times. Art allowed me to express myself in deeper ways than I sometimes had the words for. Art is about sharing feelings, emotions and energy, through whatever medium you choose. When came time for college, I was unfortunately unable to convince my parents to let me apply for the fine arts program. Their mindset was that art was a hobby, not a career. It took me 2 years and almost getting kicked out of school for lack of effort and attendance, to finally convince them to let me go. I was only able to attend the program for 1 year because of unforseen life circumstances. But that year held the coveted “best year of my life” space in my heart until just a few years ago.

Funny enough, even though I spent an entire year in fine arts, learning about drawing, theory of colour, history of art and so much more, I still had no idea how to paint. I didn’t even know I wanted to paint. I actually gave up art all together just a few short years after school and didn’t touch a paper, pencil or paintbrush for over a decade after. Then, something shifted. My soul started longing for more. It started longing for a part of myself that I had been trying to ignore. Over the last few years, I’ve taught myself how to do numerous crafts, and enjoyed it, but treated it as a hobby.

I’ve now reached a point where I can no longer ignore my passion. I decided it was time I gave myself permission to do what I’ve always wanted to do. It was time I stepped into who I’ve always wanted to be, who I’ve always been. So I left life coaching behind to pursue creating art full time. It’s my calling and an extension of who I am. Painting makes me feel like I can breathe, makes me come alive! I still use my abilities to work with energy and connect to intuitive messages, but I now infuse it into my art. Whether I’m channeling a painting for a client, or infusing calming or heart healing energy into a painting, it’s still who I am also, and I love that my paintings can offer something different to others. I want people to look at my paintings, and “feel all the feels”, to get overcome with a sense of peace, or excitement, or feel like they are getting hugged by a loved one. Some of my paintings shift in the light or angle they are being observed from because of how I paint them, and I love the surprised look on people’s faces when they keep moving and keep being surprised by the parts that feel like they are jumping at them, yet it changes when they move or when the sun moves with the day. Art should be beautiful to you, but it should also make you feel. And I strive to make sure that my art makes you feel positive and uplifting emotions. I want to make this world a more beautiful and positive place. Just like painting makes me feel.

Much love, 

Stephanie xx