Top 5 mistakes to avoid as a spiritual entrepreneur

Being spiritual and an entrepreneur is not a new thing.   There are so many of us out there.   Actually, this isn't just for those who are spiritual, but if you are a kind person, tend to be a people pleaser and just generally "too nice", then this is for you.  Basically, if there's any advice I wish I could give my former self when I first started my own business, this would be it!  


1.  Trusting the Universe too much

Before you gasp, hear me out.  The more spiritual you are, the more we learn to trust the Universe.  And it's a beautiful thing!  We've learned through practice and experiences that it pays to trust, to go with the flow.  After all, the universe knows what's best for you, even when you don't.  But here's the thing, you can't run a truly successful business if you don't have a plan.  There's a difference between going with the flow because you don't know where you're going exactly, and going with the flow because you know what you want but trust and allow that you will get there even if you don't know what that road looks like exactly.  These two examples send two very different messages to the universe and will most likely have two very different results when it comes to your business.  


"Life is not happening to you, it is responding to you." ~Unknown


2. Making yourself too readily available for your clients

I know, it sounds weird to say.  As a spiritual entrepreneur you most likely have a huge hart and love helping people.  After all, that's why you do what you do.  And we want to make things easy for others.  But being too available sends the message to your clients that you are not busy (aka not successful).  Instead of listing ALL the times you are free this week, pick one time and say "I happen to have a spot open up (pick a day and time).  Would that work for you?"  Trust me, they will jump at the opportunity.

This leads me to #3...

flat lay.jpg


3.  Not setting clear boundaries

Boundaries may seem restricting to you, but they are actually a beautiful thing.  They send a clear message to the universe of what you are ok with, what you allow, and what you want. Let me give you an example...   You have a client calling asking if you can see them last minute.  As in tomorrow morning last minute.  Perhaps you didn't have any clients or meetings booked at that time.  And maybe since you're self-employed, your only real plans were to run a few errands since you knew you didn't have anything booked at that time.  If you don't have clear boundaries for yourself, you will be rearranging your plans and fit your client in.  But here's the thing with that.  Energetically, you just sent a message to the universe that your plans didn't matter, that what you want doesn't matter, and that your clients can take over your schedule.  May not seem like a big deal now if your business is new and you're not too busy yet, but it will be another story when you're booked out.  


4. You're running a passion, not a business

We tend to be very passionate people.  You love what you do and want to share it with the world. You are also love helping others and are very empathetic.   Giving every one deals, reducing your fees constantly because you want to help someone who can't afford it will only leave you poor and eventually depleted.  


5. You have issues with money that you're not addressing

This is such a huge one!  Think you don't have issues surrounding money?  Think again! 99.9% of people have issues around this one.  OK, I don't know if that's the correct %, but it's pretty close.  With all the clients I've worked with, I didn't meet one that didn't have some type of issues around it at some point.  What do I mean by issues?  Either mindset (think that money is hard to come by, that you have to work hard for it, etc), or have energy issues around it.  Sometimes it's past life issues that stop us from being able to move forward and manifest it in this lifetime, sometimes it's other people's energies that block you (jealous friend/co-worker, etc).  There are so many layers to what can prevent us from manifesting the financial abundance that we want, but here's the bottom line.  Work on yourself when it comes to abundance.  Shift your mindsets, read some books, clear some energy, hire someone to help you out, think limitless, and lets not forget, believe that you are worth the abundance that you desire having.  It's ok to want it.  Money won't make you a bad person, it's not a negative thing if you are a positive person.


At the end of the day, I've learned how important it is to incorporate my spiritual side to a more left brain rational approach when it comes to business.  When both sides are in balance, that's when the magic really happens! 

Hope this helps! 

Stephanie xx