A space is never just a space


A space is never just a space.  There is so much more to it.  When it comes to your home, your space is an extension of who you are in the present moment, but sometimes it's a representation of who you were.  Let me explain.

The style in your living room for example most likely gives clues into who you are, whether it's rustic, modern or eclectic.  But it's also possible that your style changed, that you've changed, but perhaps never stopped changing your décor to match with the new you.  The same goes with energy.  Our space carry a lot of energy.  A lot.  A huge part of this energy comes from ourselves.  We leave energy around all day, in every space we go into.  But our spaces will also create energy depending on the colours we used in our décor and how they make us feel, energy is created (or blocked) depending on where furniture and other objects are placed, and even objects themselves carry energy (for example something you bought during a great trip will have positive energy, or a thrifted object could also carry good and sometimes negative energy).  And these energies can affect our lives in ways that most people don't realize.  For example, clutter is connected directly to having abundance issues. 

There's just so much more than meets the eye when it comes to spaces...

Funny enough, even though I know all these things so well and work doing Space Elevations and am careful of the energy in my own spaces, there are times I can get caught up in the busy-ness of life and things can take over. 


Yes, this is my desk.  Well... Was my desk.  I dealt with that yesterday, lol.  Being self-employed, I work from home a lot.  From running my own website and online shop, to marketing and doing online sessions with clients, I spend quite a bit of my time working from this space.  But for the last week, I was having trouble getting things done.  I found myself grabbing my laptop and head out to Starbucks to get some work done.  Except I can't actually work on my shop unless I'm home since I need the crystals in front of me to measure and write descriptions, so even then, not everything was getting done.  Then It hit me yesterday morning, as I was getting the kids ready for school and looking for a paper on my desk, I realized why I couldn't work... The clutter! 


You see, growing up, I used to be the person who could find anything in my clutter.  I strived on chaos.  I didn't know how to keep things tidy, there was always stuff everywhere around me. And worse than that, I couldn't even feel comfortable in a place that was quiet, neat and tidy.  But that matched exactly who I was on the inside.  Then years ago, things started shifting.  I started changing.  As I worked on myself as a person, the need for a tidy space with less clutter was getting to be very strong, yet it still wasn't a habit to keep things that way for more than a day or two.  Today, I am such a different person, I can't work in clutter, I can't ground and focus, I feel jittery.  Today, I don't thrive in chaos, I strive for a life that is peaceful.  Today, I know how to attract and allow joy and ease in my life.  Working with energy so much, and knowing that clutter affects abundance, it's very counterintuitive as a business owner working to make a living to allow something that would directly affect that. And lets not forget to mention that it doesn't feel comfortable when my space energetically reflects the person I no longer am today.


So I got to work.  I put everything away where it belongs, recycled and cleared what needed to be cleared, placed the chair back in it's place to invite me to come back to my work space.


While a work space should not have distractions like clutter, I don't believe in "all work and no play".  I believe every space should not only have items for usefulness, but there should be items that fill you with joy too.  Like my trendy tropical leaf mousepad, my green Buddha, colorful pencils and even the chakra necklace I bought on my last trip to Montreal in a little shop where the owner goes to Bali each year to stock up his store.  These things either bring me joy for so many reasons.  But regardless, they bring me joy. They don't distract me, quite the opposite, they bring me a sense of calmness as I work near them. 


I would say that's one of the biggest things to think of when you tackle the clutter in your home or decide what to place in your home... Ask yourself if the item brings you joy or serves a purpose.  If the answer is no to both, it's got to go!

Something else to think of when it comes to your space, is adding crystals!  Of course, doing what I do, I'm a bit biased when it comes to crystals, but then again, I also see over and over how they help people and can really change the energy in a space dramatically.  You don't necessarily need a huge crystal when it comes to using them in your space, but I do prefer bigger ones for this purpose compared to small tumbled pieces.  That being said, it wouldn't be very practical for me to have a huge cluster on my desk considering the size of my work space.  So I opt for pieces that are appropriately sized, and pair some of them with other pieces to amplify the energy that I'm wanting to bring into the area.


For example, Citrine is especially helpful in a work/business area, as it helps repel negative energy as well as attracting abundance.  Or Pyrite (pictured here as a cluster with clear Quartz), to help energize you, or Black Tourmaline, which is protective, especially from those pesky EMF. 


Of course, when I do a Space Elevation, there's so much more than what I list here that goes into it.  But this is to give you an idea, and hopefully inspire you to look at your home (and the things in it) in a slightly different way and help you elevate your space.  Because in the end, if you elevate your space, you'll end up elevating your life in ways you can't even begin to understand.  Everything is so connected, more than I could ever explain in any article I could ever write. 

These little things may seem small, but they can have a big impact on your life!  It's time to rise, so give it a try and let me know how it feels!  

Much love,