Current Obsession

When thinking about what post to write this morning, the only thing that kept coming to me, was my current obsession: Lipstick

To be completely honest, I never used to like lipstick.  I literally went 16 years without wearing any.  I've always been a gloss girl... nude gloss at that.  I don't like to wear a lot of makeup so nude gloss was perfect for me.  I liked the shine but not the colour (which is a bit strange for someone with an art background, but hey).  Then I tried lipstick this spring and I was in love!  Once I got over the initial shock of the bold colour on my lips, (which took about half a day to get used to), I was in love.

The thing I've learned is that makeup is not a superficial thing.  It can be, but you can also use it to boost your confidence and vibration, along with having the ability to take your entire look to the next level. 


Of course we are entering the holiday season and most people have multiple parties coming up.  The occasions to dress up are most likely higher than usual.  This can be a great time to go for bolder looks than you may be used to.  Why not be a little daring!? 

But then again, I think we should all go for something a little more bold from time to time, if it is who you are.  You see, I use style (and makeup) to show who I really am.  I love being sexy, I love colour, I love style, and I'm incredibly eclectic.  That's me in a tiny nutshell.  So lipstick can help me put the finishing touch to a look in a way I wish I would have realized sometime in the last 16 years.   


Lipstick creates a feel, a mood.  You can either use it to reflect how you are already feeling, or use it to change and elevate your mood. 

Here I am sharing pictures of Lipsense lip colour because I have a few friends who started selling it this year and that's what got me into lipstick.  Their product is absolutely amazing in case you're wondering.  You can't purchase this at the store, you need to find a distributor, but it's well worth it.  Their products are vegan and 98% natural (the 2% non-natural is what keeps it shelf stable and makes it last more than a couple months.) It's kiss-proof, smudge-proof and lasts 4-18 hours.  Most colours I tried personally lasted closer to the 18 hours and the product made my lips noticeably softer by the end of the day.  Lipsense will naturally and gently help the dead skin fall off and you are left with naturally soft lips at the end of the day, even when you take the product off. 


It was summer when I tried this on, and I was excited that this colour matched my outfit.  And as you can see, it boosted my mood and I honestly felt like a freaking goddess that day!  I went out running a few errands, and I remember getting more compliments than I could count.  Yes, a few people complimented me on my lipstick, but mostly, people were noticing my energy.  My vibration was so high and ultimately, that's what makes us attractive.  It's like our energy becomes shiny and people not only find you attractive in a visual way, but it's what makes people want to talk to you, to get to know you, want to be around you. It makes their soul want to feel like this too and they will be drawn to you like a child chasing the end of a rainbow. 

So next time you want to boost your mood, your outfit or if like me you are a boss babe and perhaps are heading to meet a client, think about your looks and remember that lipstick can be a powerful tool far beyond the superficial role we associate it with. You never know what opportunity you'll end up attracting if you feel this amazing!

Note: I was not paid or compensated in any way by Lipsense or any other company or person for this post.  I genuinely love the product and simply wanted to share.