My Creed

I am not here to travel your path.
I am not here to do what you expect of me.
I am not here to do things the easy way.
I am here to raise above my own previous limits.
I am here to make a difference.
I am here to change the world and make it a better place.

I am not better than you.
I am not here to look down on you or crush you.
I am here to help raise you up.

I will no longer diminish myself to make you comfortable, I am ready to stand in my power.
Ready to stand firmly and shine brightly.
I will no longer apologize for my light, for I understand that it is not only who I am, but it’s my purpose, my duty to shine.
I will stand tall, stand proud and march ahead while lifting others on my path.
I will build my empire and create my own rules in life, but I will not leave you behind.
Oh no!
I’m taking you with me, if you let me.
I will raise you out of your darkness and show you the light, for you have your own light within, waiting to shine as brightly without.

You are not here to travel my path.
You are not here to do what I expect of you.
You are here to live your authentic truth.
Let me help guide you...
— Stephanie Hassein