Red Mandala Painting

red mandala.jpg
red mandala.jpg

Red Mandala Painting


Painting is highly meditative and one of my favourite things to do!  

As per all my paintings, they are channelled and guided by spirit, from the choice of colour to the shapes and light that come through Often times, as I paint, I am not only in a meditative state but sometimes in a complete trance, letting spirit paint through me.  These paintings are meant to be healing on one level or another, and are full of Reiki energy.

This painting is done on a stretched canvas over a wooden base and all sides are painted, so it's ready to hang. 

Size: 12" x 12"

Medium: Acrylic base and oil for the mandala design.
Listing is for this exact red mandala painting. The design is done with silver oil paint. The painting also has a protective finish on it to ensure longevity.

**Made with Love**

**As a Reiki Practitioner I am very mindful of the energy going into my creations. All of my creations are infused with Reiki energy.**

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